Forty courses are considered “core” subjects essential to introducing the subject or as a refresher study. Courses are sequenced for progression in level of difficulty, but have no prerequisites and can be accessed on “as needed” basis.

Additionally, there are 110 elective courses. Electives are all designed in the same cutting edge methodology and continue to move you through higher levels of knowledge and application for powerful results.

The Global Church Classroom®

Leadership Development
Global Missions
Church Multiplication

Evangelism & Discipleship
Visionary Networking
Called Into Ministry

5 Point System of Instruction

The Global Church Network® hosted strategic summits in every world region, with more than 10,000 leaders attending from hundreds of Christian denominations and organizations. The Five Point System of Instruction (Leadership Development, Global Missions, Church Multiplication, Evangelism & Discipleship, and Visionary Networking) emerged from the discussions with the 10,000 Christian leaders over a ten-year period of time.

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Learn from the Brightest Minds Today

Each of the GCLC teachers have contributed their best teaching in their specialized field of ministry. There’s never been a Global Church Classroom where 54 of the 100 teachers have earned at least one PHD from a highly recognized seminary or university.  These teachers include:

  • Howard Hendricks
  • Kay Arthur
  • Philip Jenkins
  • Alex Tanuseputra
  • David Ramirez
  • Walter Kaiser
  • Elmer Towns
  • Mathew Barnett
  • Kathleen Patterson
  • Mark Balmer
  • Leonard Sweet
  • Fred Luter
  • Kenneth Ulmer
  • Gary Smalley
  • James Hudson Taylor IV
  • George O. Wood
  • Gustavo Crocker
  • Frank Damazio
  • Leon Fontaine
  • David Mohan
  • Mark Williams
  • Dave Stone
  • James O. Davis
  • David Dykes
  • John Ed Mathison
  • Stan Toler
  • Adrian Rogers
  • Ronnie Floyd
  • James Merritt
  • Suliasi Kurulo
  • Glenn Burris
  • Jack Hayford
  • Enoch Adeboye
  • Johnny Hunt
  • Doug Beacham

The Global Church Library®

The Global Church Library consists of the finest authors from throughout every world region. Doctrinal balance is maintained through a diversified screening committee that reviews resources on a consistent basis before new resources are posted in the Global Church Library. Teachers and authors include:

  • A. T. Robertson
  • Ademola Ishola
  • Adrian Rogers
  • Alexander MaClaren
  • Alex Mitala
  • Alton Garrison
  • Andrew Murray
  • Andy Stanley
  • Bill Winston
  • Billy Jo Daughtery
  • Brian Houston
  • Casey Treat
  • Charles Spurgeon 
  • Dale Bronner
  • Daniel Akin
  • David Cooper
  • David Sobrepena
  • David Uth
  • David Mohan
  • Doug Stringer
  • Ed Young
  • Eddy Leo
  • Gary Smalley
  • Heidi Baker
  • James O. Davis
  • James Merritt 
  • Jim Garlow
  • John Bevere
  • John Bunyan 
  • Leon Fontaine
  • Kay Arthur 
  • Paul Walker 
  • Randy Pope
  • Reinhard Bonnke 
  • William Bright

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