From anywhere in the world, you have the opportunity to take GCLC courses toward many different certification levels, including an Advance Studies Certification. You can achieve these highly recognized certifications in a reasonably short amount of time and save tens of thousands of dollars. The cost and time savings are enormous!

World Class Training Partnership

Through the synergistic efforts of Dr. Elmer Towns and Dr. James O. Davis, the Global Church Network has forged a global relationship through the Global Church Learning Center. It is now possible for you to obtain the finest training while continuing part-time or full-time in ministry without incurring astronomical debt. Also, you do not have to stop what you are doing and relocate to a new city in order to receive the ministry training that will help you to be successful in fulfilling your divine destiny.

Advance Studies Membership

From The Global Church To The Global Church.

Through the Global Church Learning Center, you have the opportunity to work through many certification levels (Bible, Preaching, Pastoral Ministry, Leadership and Missions), including the Advance Studies Membership. With an Advance Studies Membership, you will have all the benefits of an Ultimate Membership. The Ultimate Membership Benefits include more than 200 training courses, hundreds of books and training audios, videos and articles. If you have an earned Bachelor's or Master's Degree from a Bible College, Seminary or University, you can opt out of the GCLC Core & Elective Courses and immediately begin your Advance Studies Program.

The Advance Studies Membership comprises twenty courses in the areas of Spiritual Formations, Bible Exposition, Leadership Skills and Evangelism/Discipleship. These twenty courses include various readings, some research papers and tests, all designed to equip you with the best knowledge/understanding for future effectiveness. The Advance Studies Program can be completed in one year. The cost is only $695, plus a $35 non-refundable application fee.

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Certificate Opportunities

The Global Church Learning Center® offers numerous, powerful ministry certificates.  Each GCLC certificate has been developed to equip the Christian leader with the finest principled and practical training in specific tracks.

  • Bible

    You will have a working knowledge of every Bible book and know how to teach/preach from them.

  • Leadership

    You will dramatically increase your leadership effectiveness throughout the rest of your life.

  • Preaching

    You will learn the eight time-tested steps to powerful preaching and the laws of effective communication.

  • Missions

    You will have a full understanding as to where the Global Church is going and the practical knowledge to connect with it.

  • Pastoral Ministry

    You will learn from many of the best pastors today and know how to apply their principles for ministry success. 

  • Wisdom

    You will have a complete understanding of at least 40 Core Courses And 20 Elective Courses of the Global Church Learning Center. This is the highest GCLC Certificate awarded!

  • Advance Studies

    You can move into the Advance Studies Program when you have completed your GCLC Certificate (A Minimum of 60 Courses) or have an earned BA or MA from a Bible College, Seminary or University.

  • Called Into Ministry

    You will fully understand the essential elements of what is means to be “called into ministry” and the success steps to fulfilling your divine destiny in the years ahead.

The Global Church Learning Center® Membership Is 
The Doorway To The Finest Ministry Education Today!

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